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GIʎNT® SELECTIONS: GIʎNT® is produced with first choice raw materials and is available in Rustic – mainly wavy grain – and Superior -mainly straight grain- selection. 90% of lots are free from any kind of peculiar signs. Only a small percentage could sometimes show the characteristic marks of certain types of wood (little knots, “bird’s eyes”), which do not compromise the quality of the wood flooring but, on the contrary, stand as marks of its naturalness.

GIʎNT®, A STATEMENT PIECE: Its warmth, its naturalness and its solidity makes GIʎNT® a unique and inimitable product, a precious wood-flooring of great aesthetic impact, that can stand alone and
make a statement in every room. The wide product range of GIʎNT®– 29 exclusive wood species – allows you to find what better suits your style, making every home a unique piece. In addition, GIʎNT® can be customized as you wish: upon request it is possible to supply the product with special processing such as brushing, hand planing or other surface treatments, different thickness, special patterns (ie. herringbone), peculiar oil based or water based finishes, etc.

QUICK FACTS: GIʎNT® floors are made in Italy

SOLID FLOORING: Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Acasia, White Maple

GRADE: Brushed, Hand Planed, Partial or Total Sawn

DIMENSIONS: Thickness: 22mm,

Length: 500mm to 2000/2400mm

Widths: Large: min.81 mm.- max. 151 mm, Super-large: min. 165 mm.- max. 200 mm, Ex tra-large:min. 201 mm. – ma x. 221 mm